Close the School of the Americas!

The School of the Americas, aka the School of Assassins, trains foreign soldiers and law enforcement agencies. Some of these soldiers have been found guilty of human rights violations in countries that today’s refugees and asylum seekers come from.

Three years ago our protest moved from Columbus to the Arizona border to be closer to the people affected by US policies.

This year we return to Ft. Benning, where ICE is building a new training center. We will gather to remember those killed in the UCA massacre in El Salvador by SOA graduates.

Saturday we will inform of our work at the Border and ways you can get involved. Sunday we will protest at the Gates with our traditional program; Speakers, Music, Litany, Presentes Procession and Puppetistas.

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No to Militarization and Colonialism, Torture and Assassinations!
Yes to Liberty and Sovereignty for all countries and people!