Community Speak Out on Crime and Law Enforcement

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Mildred Terry Library
640 Veterans Parkway
Columbus, GA

Residents of Columbus expressed their concerns and offered solutions on crime and law enforcement issues identified on Tuesday, January 27 at the “Conversation on Law Enforcement and Community Trust”.

A “fishbowl” format was be used to allow 4-5 speakers to be in conversation on similar concerns. Groups rotated out of the fishbowl until all speakers had an opportunity to be in the conversation.

Chief Boren, Marshal Countryman and Sheriff Darr were invited to listen to community concerns. Time was preserved for law enforcement agencies to respond to issues and proposals brought up during the discussion.

Hosted by Southern Anti-Racism Network Steering Committee:

Kwabena Ali, Theresa El-Amin, Tom Graves, Alberta Hardy, Natasha Hardy, Cathy Hawkins, Wandra Jordan, Stella Mendoza, Hilda Perez, Katherine White

For further information, or 762-821-1107