Chapel Hill Friends Meeting Anti-Racism Workshop

Chapel Hill Friends Meeting Anti-Racism Workshop
When: Jan. 12, 2017, 7-9:00 PM
Where: Chapel Hill Friends Meeting House

The Meeting will host an anti-racism workshop facilitated by Triangle Showing
Up for Racial Justice (SURJ). The workshop is open to all attenders and members
of Chapel Hill Friends Meeting. Everyone is welcome. The purpose of the
workshop is to encourage and support white people to show up for racial justice.
Participants will learn more about ways in which racism operates in our society
today, and how we can work against it. We’ll discuss how people in power have
historically and at the present used racism to divide and conquer us, the power
of multi-racial coalitions who have worked together in spite of these efforts,
and the role each of us can play in the current movement against racism. This
short, two-hour workshop is being developed as a pilot program, but will be led
by experienced facilitators with many years of experience leading similar
workshops. The thoughtful feedback of participants will be very helpful in
developing the newly-designed workshop. To register or for more information,
please contact Stacey Sewall, For more information on
SURJ, please visit