Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom-US Section, Black Alliance for Peace, & World BEYOND War invite you to view this free webinar on the United States African Command (AFRICOM) and Human Rights in Africa.

The webinar featured first-hand reports from WILPF women describing what effects AFRICOM is having on their respective nations: Joy Onyesoh, the President of WILPF International will speak about Nigeria, Sylvie Ndongmo, the Africa Region representative of WILPF will speak about Cameroon, Marie-Claire Faray, currently living in the UK will speak about the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Christine Odera, Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassador Network – Kenya Country Coordinator (CYPAN), will speak about Kenya. Other featured speakers include writer and author Margaret Kimberley, representing the Black Alliance for Peace, and their initiative: Out of Africa: Shut Down AFRICOM, and investigative journalist Amanda Sperber who has reported widely on Somalia.

View the Webinar here.